About CCC

About the Head Baker & Cake Artist                        

Hello and welcome to Cool Calm Cakes! My name is Alexis Fletcher and I am a Chicago native but currently I reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Most people complain about the hot weather here, except for me, I LOVE the heat! I’m sure being born in Chicago in December has a lot to do with why I HATE (okay, I know that’s a really strong word, but the feeling is REAL) cold weather! I am a true foodie and I have loved food since I was a baby. Friends of the family would always tell my Mom someone could kidnap me with a hotdog because I would gladly join anyone in sight eating food. I used to climb into my Uncle’s lap to enjoy a good steak with him at two years old! My love for baking began with my maternal grandmother Rosa in the kitchen. Our birthdays are 1-day apart and fall during the winter holidays. We would often have joint birthday parties and often loved to bake our own birthday cakes. My grandmother loved her some yellow cake with chocolate frosting and I always had to have a chocolate cake. Some of my family members didn’t like that I always had chocolate cake at our joint birthday parties, but I secretly knew that meant MORE cake for me!


And So It Begins

As I got older, I began improving my baking skills with my late cousin Donald. He was serious about his baking and the two of us made all types of baked-goods ranging from chocolate chip, and peanut butter cookies, to all kinds of cakes and most importantly our favorite, cheesecake! Holiday baking was always fun and became so much of a tradition that store bought sweets were taboo, Donald made sure of that. We would take over Auntie’s kitchen and get busy baking sweet potato pies, pecan pies, cheesecake, and of course, Donald’s famous banana pudding. I’m not mentioning any names, but some family members were known to fight over that famous banana pudding! It was THAT good! I am the only one in my family Donald entrusted with the secret recipe. Speaking of recipes, I remember when I got old enough, Donald handed over his cheesecake recipe and allowed me to begin making them for our family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. That was a big deal and I recall feeling so proud to have that distinct honor and responsibility. I would always joke that we should start our own family bakery. And as much as it saddens me that won’t happen with my grandmother Rosa passing in 2017 and cousin Donald in 2019; my LOVE for baking stems from those memories so I know they are both smiling down on me from Heaven and cheering me on!

Why The Name? 

I knew I needed to start doing what I love and what I’m passionate about, so starting this business was a must. Cool Calm Cakes evolved from two ideas. My friends have always told me “you’re cool, calm, and collected”. That concept has always stuck with me and as a result, I later became “Cool Calm Lex” on my personal social media platforms. I thought of many names when creating Cool Calm Cakes, but ultimately, I stuck with the name Cool Calm because it has been a part of my personal branding for a while and has meaning. Also, because I find the process of creating and decorating cakes very cool and baking for me has always been so calming and a huge stress reliever (when I’m not trying to get perfect edges of course). But the best part of it all is getting to eat and enjoy a nice slice of cake in the end. So that is how Cool Calm Cakes was launched!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about my personal journey. I hope that Cool Calm Cakes can create something special for you in the near future!

Be Cool. Stay Calm. And eat Cake.

- Alexis